Mirzapur Mantra 4: Conquering insecurities – Day 1946

By 29 January, 2021Uncategorized

Insecurity breeds manipulation: Kaleen Bhaiya’s son, Munna is the inheritor of his legacy and is groomed for the crown. But rather than revel in his position of authority, Munna destroys himself feeling threatened by his employees. He is all the time insecure and therefore easily manipulated by those around him.

The first lesson for every employee on a new job is to have faith in yourself.  Your colleague is not your competitor but supporter, so conquer your negative emotions for there is nothing more embarrassing than an insecure team member. If you are on a higher post and playing games, it is all the more pathetic, so consult a coach and sort out your demons.  I seriously recommend every company must have a private coach.

In a specific scene of the series, Bablu tells his father, ‘My job is like any other profession. It calls for commitment and I look forward to appreciation and promotions. 

Haven’t all of us said this to somebody at some point in our lives? Let’s hope, this time the big bosses are listening to us.