Once upon a time in the 60s – Day 983

By 8 December, 2016Films


The sixties was an important decade for India. The country had healed the scars of partition and in a mood for celebration and this reflected in our cinema. The youth all over the world including India was addicted to Elvis Presley and Beatles.

Colour had come into cinema and our films gradually became more glamarous. Filmmakers reserved a separate budget for costumes and sets and our leading ladies with the help of hair/ makeup and costume experts were modeled into fashion icons.While lighting was the focus in the Black and White era, the cinematographer now encouraged filmmakers to extend boundaries and shoot on foreign locations.

Shooting outside India began under the RK Films banner in 1964, when Raj Kapoor took Sangam to Switzerland to shoot his and Vyajantimala’s honeymoon scenes in Europe.  This began a trend with other filmmakers like Pacchi shooting Around the World with Raj Kapoor and Rajshri and Shakti Samanta acquainting Indian audiences with Paris in of An Evening in Paris and later Yash Chopra ofcourse decade’s later familiarized cinegoers with all the locales of Switzerland.

The decade is memorable for some pathbreaking films. K Asif’s Mughal- E- Azam conceived in the forties with Chandramohan as Salim, Sapru as Akbar and Nargis in the role of Anarkali. Dev Anand produced Guide a film about women empowerment was shot in Hindi and English simultaneously, while the Hindi was screenplay written and directed by Vijay Anand, the English was written by Pearl S Buck and directed by American director Tad Danielewski.


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