The actor and the woman – Day 2093

By 24 November, 2021Uncategorized

What about career conflicts, do they resolve on their own? “No, every action has a reaction, every choice has a counter effect, but it is okay, all actors have their defense mechanism and learn to survive the challenges.  After shooting a very intense film, I look forward to shooting with David Dhawan because it is like a paid holiday. Sometimes, you do films for emotional reasons. When Ashok Kaul told me that he was making an animation film on Hyderabad city, I felt I should be a part of it because it was about ny home town. Similarly, I agreed to be part of Ram Gopal Varma’s debut home production because I am familiar with Telegu and I love spending time in Hyderabad”.

Why do you think you have survived this long when all your contemporaries have packed up? What is the secret of your success? “No secret” replies Tabu, “I did the same masala films as my contemporaries, made the same mistakes too but was lucky to grab some great roles and films. My strength is that I was not desperate to fill up my diary and let me tell you this was unacceptable till a few years ago.  In Hollywood, every one takes a break to refuel themselves, now it is happening here as well thank God. I had the confidence to show restraint. I wasn’t insecure”.