Surmaee Shaam (Day 1506)

By 14 January, 2019Uncategorized

Shubha Mudgal has sung a melodious song ‘Surmaae Shaam’ for Evening Shadows released recently. A heartwarming story about a son coming out to his mother in a small town in India and her difficulty in accepting him has touched chords across the world at more than 50 international film festivals it has screened in, winning 13 jury & audience awards. Says Mudgal “I have very little experience of working for films, but I am happy to contribute to a film that addresses the social stigma surrounding same-sex love. I hope that my composition and voice are able to convey at least some of the pain and sense of tragic isolation that the protagonists must feel.”

The song’s lyrics are written by Saagar Gupta who has also written the dialogues for the film. Says Gupta “The director told me that my lyrics must be worthy of Shubha ji’s singing and that was a big challenge to me. Apart from being in sync with the different situations where it appears in the film, the song is an ode to all mothers, reiterating the beautiful bond a mother shares with her child. Call it irony but I had lost my mother a few months ago and writing this song was cathartic for me.”

The film is a sensitive portrayal of the divide between two generations within families who have different points of view. Shot in beautiful locales in South India, this family drama will appeal to everyone who will watch it as director Sridhar Rangayan says “Come to theaters and show us your love”.

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