Part 6 – Final – Day 1803

Blog Number: 1803
Part 6 Final

On the day after his funeral Neetu Kapoor posted a picture of Rishi Kapoor saying: End of our story.
The caption hurt and I was quick to react on the post.
The tragedy is an end of a scene yes but definetly not the end of the story!
Rishi Kapoor would never have been so pessimistic.
Like his father Raj Kapoor, Rishi believed that no matter what the obstacles, the show must go on…
He would disapprove of Neetu and his children losing courage and hope.
He would like them to rejoice life wholeheartedly.
I’m sure he is saying ‘Cheers’ to the deities at the moment and the apsaras are dancing for his entertainment.
Raj Kapoor, Krishna Kapoor and sister Ritu Nanda are singing ‘Ghar aaya mera pardesi…’ and therefore I sign off presenting him singing his own song…
Rest in peace my dear friend and fire the angels from time to time, how else will they know that you love them!! Concluded