I am Mayurakhi : I am fastened to my lord’s crown (Day 1354)


दधिकणपरिदिग्धं मुग्धमंगं मुरारेः।

दिशतु भुवनकृच्छ्रच्छेदि तापिञ्छगुच्छ-

च्छवि नवशिखिपिञ्छलाञ्छितं वाञ्छितं नः॥१॥


May  Lord Krishna grant us our wishes; Krishna whose pretty body, nurtured by drinking milk, is as smooth as freshly prepared butter and is smeared all over with drops of curd, which destroys the suffering of the three worlds, which is dark blue as the Tapinjha flowers, and is adorned with the fresh plumes of a peacock

I am Mayura.

I am Peacock.

I am fastened to my Lord’s crown and watch the world spin by. He never removes me from his hair band and I like to believe that because I am close to his head, I am forever in his mind.

Mother Yashoda says that I suit her Lalla’s crown because we have blue in common. He wears yellow pitambar but is always addressed as Niladri. I reflect multiple colours. I am always described in shades of blue.

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To be continued