Zanjeer is Raudra Rassa and Do Anjaane Vibhatsa Rassa – Day 1898

By 15 October, 2020Uncategorized

For an actor identified all time with anger, Raudra Rassa does not need any elaboration, but what made these roles special is that Bachchan expressed anger differently every single time. He mixed emotion with anger in Zanjeer, in Namak Haram the rage came out of his ego and in Agneepath it was disdain disguised as detachment.

A prime example of Bhayanak Rassa/ Fear is when a timid Kallu transforms into the forbidding Kaalia to fight his oppressors. In Benaam, Bachchan is being threatened by the system but fights it to the finish.

And finally, Vibhasta Rassa, Vijay of Deewar nurses disgust for his father and society at large and that’s the reason he is drawn to crime. In Do Anjaane it is disgust that compels him to torture his wife and her friend. So many more roles need to be mentioned but there are no rasas to qualify them for instance where do you slot a Trishul where he battles with his illegitimate father, a Jurmana where he is consumed with guilt for his doing and Shakti where he cannot stop loving a father who he feels did not stand by him? The list is endless…