Writer, coach and finally actor Day 1940 –

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What kept Kher going was his dream that one day he will be able to make a film. He was finalizing his script one afternoon, when he received a call from casting director Mukesh Chabbria’s office asking him to urgently come for an audition. “Mukesh knew me since my NSD days and had called me for various auditions over the years but nothing had clicked so I was apprehensive. This was for Scam 1992 and I did what was expected of me at the audition and came away. I had no expectations from the audition and I was told that director Hansal Mehta had no expectations of me, in fact sir did not believe that I was Gujarati because of my surname and wasn’t confident if I would get the nuances right in my dialogues but then he saw the test and wanted to watch me improvise further. I got a call to reach Hansal Mehta’s office soon. I did and I learnt that Pratik Gandhi was playing the lead.  I calmed down because Pratik and I had worked together and knew we’d be able to connect and that’s what happened. Hansal Sir was watching us and smiling, he had confirmed the younger brother and at that moment, he knew that he had found Harshad’s older brother, Ashwin Mehta as well”.