Take 3: Take 25 (Day 1021)

By 31 January, 2017Books

My third book Take 25 (2001) is self-published, not because I did not find a publisher but because I thought I could do it on my own. I launched my own label called Sambhav and believed that distribution would be easy, it was a nightmare and in the process I lost the joy of just being an author. It is undoubtedly my most good looking book with a stunning picture of Rekha on the cover and is a tribute to the 80s decade, a lowly phase for Hindi films but a landmark in film journalism. This was an era of feature writing where actors shared their hearts with us and we lovingly spread their colorful quotes over double spreads of art paper combined with glamorous pictures. The book captures a leisurely era when life was innocent and people trusted each other, when relationships were baggage free and all of us searched for happiness in small things.

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