Stay alone, stay afloat (Day 1106)

Truth can look different from different angles at different times under different light. But ultimately truth is Truth.

There are two timetables working at variance. The Cosmic calendar which decides when what should happen to us… Then there’s the personal agenda set by us that demands a hand in fixing the exact time and place of all that is going to happen to us. Bow to the Cosmic calendar and let the shape of things to come unfold for you petal by petal like the divine lotus.

A miracle is that which gladdens the heart fills it with hope and reaffirms our faith in the Amighty.

When you have lovingly nurtured a kernel to a tree does it not carry your imprint forever?

Stay alone, stay afloat. Let your heart and mind harmonise their different strengths to make you a healing machine.

Anything that gives you joy even for a few heartbeats has proved its worth whatever the market price.

(Courtesy: Hay House Publishers India