Start Sound… – day 1899

By 26 October, 2020Uncategorized

For too long now, everyone has been under a pall of gloom but now it seems the mood is changing. Actors have begun shooting and are planning promotions of new films. The first good news came when Yash Raj Films released their golden jubilee logo followed by the news that the latest statue to join Leicester Square’s ‘Scenes in the Square’ will be of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol thus marking the 25th anniversary of Indian cinema’s most loved film, DDLJ, coinciding with 50 years of Yash Raj Films.

DDLJ is the longest running film in all of India, made on a modest budget of 4 crore in 1995, collected 89 crores in India, 13.50 crore in overseas markets. Thus, total collections stood at 102.50 crore worldwide in 1995! In today’s inflation adjusted value, DDLJ’s collection stands at a staggering 455 crore in India and 69 crores in overseas territories, taking the total worldwide collections to a phenomenal 524 crores!
To be continued…