Showtime with Feroz Abbas Khan – Day 2087

By 16 November, 2021Uncategorized

Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai is the Mecca of performing arts. The theatre opened up after two long years and Prithvi Café I once again buzzing with regular faces. I spend a quiet evening amidst the lush trees, sipping Irish coffee and listening to director Feroze Abbas Khan reminisce his theatre journey from Royal Hunt to Mughal-E-Azam.

1990: The Royal Hunt of The Sun: My first play. I’m visiting East Africa and somebody presents me a script. It’s my habit to start reading anything presented to me immediately but this time, I don’t understand the content and yet something about it fascinates me, it is about mixing religion with politics. I discuss it with my friend Shafi Inamdar and he warns me it is not a right subject for a debutant. I don’t listen and the opening night is a disaster. I swear that I will never do another play again but I do.

To be continued

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