Rani Mukherjee: Still the queen – Day 1973

By 22 March, 2021Uncategorized

Yesterday, was Rani Mukherjee’s birthday, today, an actor and also a wife and a mother.  Rani Mukherjee started young and conquered the hearts of millions while she was still in her 20s. Most of the time, we remember stars only after they make it big while their real character is reflected while they are still struggling. I have watched many actors at that crucial phase and then watched them after they made it big.

In some I saw a 360 degree turn and some, remained the remained the same individuals.  I met Rani Mukherjee briefly at the trial show of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and later on an early morning flight to Kolkatta. Rani was curled up in her window seat, head resting on her father’s shoulder, fast asleep.

Three hours later, when the flight was landing, Rani could barely open her eyes, she asked for hot towel and dabbed it on her face again and again and when that didn’t help, put on her designer shades and struggled out of her seat.  

To be continued