Rani Mukherjee: Lessons to learn – Day 1975

By 24 March, 2021Uncategorized

Shah Rukh Khan commented that he was surprised by your confidence, were you always so reassured? “I believe in being happy and if this is being reassured then the credit goes to my family for rearing my brother and me with so much love and care.  They knew I was made for the camera but never forced it on me, waited for me realize it myself and today, I am part of a world I love”.

Is there anything you dislike about being an actress? Rani thinks for a while, then removing her shades, says, “I dislike waking up at odd hours to catch flights and I dislike extended shootings. There are times, I’m shooting without a break, travelling, living out of suitcases, hopping studios, changing costumes and I forget I’m playing which character in which film. Yet when you watch the end product, it all falls into place because there are so many others taking care of the continuity”.

Rani shares that the preoccupation is so intense that most of the time actors are not even aware of it until somebody, usually a senior, points it out to them. “I was shooting with Kamini Kaushalji the other day and she said that in the olden days, nobody worked beyond 6 pm in fact Helenji had this in her contract and therefore at the stroke of 6 she’d out her wig and pack up, amazing isn’t it?”