Pause at Amber (Day 1105)

From the flow of words, it is evident that the writer has been through a special experience that has transformed her and led to the outpourings. The opening line of the title reads: When thoughts come unbidden…when emotions are replaced by insight…when you have the power over an all-knowing muse…then it could only be Whisperings From Beyond.

Over the next few days I will be reproducing random excerpts from the book to hook you on the thought and draw your own conclusions:

Life’s speed breakers are not necessarily hurdles, just the Light cautioning us to pause at amber before zooming off on green.

Once we admit to ourselves that we were in the wrong, we will find the courage to tell the same to the other person.

Insight lets us get a peep into Infinity. Develop insight. Cultivate insight. And find out what makes the world go round.

Intolerance is fear that they will make us Them and not let us be Us.

(Courtesy: Hay House Publishers India