Online Offline – Day 1976

By 29 March, 2021Uncategorized

Grief is an overwhelming emotion and the most rational people lose it when going through trauma and Offline, a romantic short thriller explores the blurring lines between reality and virtual delusion as technology encroaches on the human experience of death, marks the debut of writer-director Arnesh Ghose.

 Released on India’s leading YouTube channel for short films, Pocket Films, the film follows a distraught young wife, Manvi, who loses her husband, Arjun, unexpectedly. Memories of Arjun and their married life hound her, until one day, she receives a text from Arjun’s phone, asking her to keep him alive by plugging his phone into charge.

It is often said that we live in our phones, but is it possible to live in them forever? Is there a way that in our afterlife, we’re ‘bots’ are some of the questions raised by the film?