Obsessed with Money – DAY 1640

By 23 August, 2019Uncategorized

Kishore Kumar never forgave anybody who owed him money. The producer of Bhai Bhai owed him 5000 rupees so every day at the shooting Kumar would do cart wheels screaming ‘5000 rupaiya ’ till he actually rolled out of the sets  without shooting. Another producer owed him 8 thousand, so Kumar would visit his home every morning and shout ‘De de mere 8 hazaar de de’ till the producer got fed up and paid him!


A filmmaker was so fed up of his dramatics that he filed a court case against the actor for not cooperating. Now Kishore Kumar would wait for the smallest instruction from the filmmaker for example he would arrive at the studio but not get out of his car till the director asked him to. One day post a driving scene, the director called ‘Cut’ but forgot to ask him to alight from the car as a result Kishore Kumar drove all the way to Khandala!


A financer was so fed-up of him that he planted an income tax raid at his home to take revenge. Kishore Kumar invited the financer to his home for tea and locked him up inside his cupboard. There is a possibility that many of these stories are exaggerated, we will get to know the truth when Amit Kumar comes out with his father’s biography!