Movie Review – Street Dancer 3 – Day 1734

By 24 January, 2020Uncategorized

Film: Street Dancer 3

Release: 24.01.2020

Director: Remo D’Souza

Cast: Varun DhawanShraddha KapoorPrabhu DevaNora Fatehi 

In 2013 director Remo D’Souza made ABCD  that told the story of  Vishnu/ Prabhu Deva who mentors and trains street dancers to win a competition. Made on a modest budget ABCD earned100 crore at the box-office only because it managed to touch so many hearts.

In 2015 Remo D’Souza made ABCD2 featuring Varun Dhawan and Shradha Kapoor who combined force to win a dance competition in Las Vegas. Made on a budget of more than 150 crore ABCD 2 though successful at the box-office failed to connect an emotional with the audience the way ABCD did. 

And now five years later, Remo D’Souza brings the same pair to tell yet another story of dance called Street Dancer 3D. This time the scale is even bigger as a result all the characters reside in sprawling mansions and do nothing for a living except of course dance! So all we get to watch in the 2.5 hour film is laboured gymnastics, done to death dance rehearsals and irrelevant discussions/ debates on dance. 

All the dance movements, expressions are mechanical and without any emotional connect and nothing about the choreography is remotely appealing with the sole exception of Prabhu Deva’s ‘Muqabla’ and climax number ‘Mile sur jo mera tumhara’. The problem is that the film wants to combine too many messages – team spirit, patriotism and the issue of illegalimmigrants. The demerits are too many because everything is unconvincing, exaggerated, unrealistic and over the top.

Some sequences are blatantly plagiarized like Varuun Dhawan’s outburst with Shradha’s father in the climax is a takeoff from Shah Rukh Khan’s conversation with Amrish Puri in DDLJ.Some lyrics offensive/ ‘Garmi’, some camera angles appalling and some dialogues bizarre like Prabhu Deva lecturing on physics/ history/ geography and Moral Science! Street Dancer 3D is devoid of any surprises/emotion or entertainment and I would warn you to watch the film at your own risk. 

I rate Street Dancer 3D with 2 stars.

Bhawana Somaaya