Movie Review: Raid Day 1305

By 16 March, 2018Uncategorized

Raid is effective 

Film: Raid

Date: 16.03.2018

Director: Raj Kumar Gupta

Writer: Raj Kumar Gupta Ritesh Shah

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Ileana D’cruz, Saurabh Shukla

Ratings: 3 stars
Amay Patnaik is stopped from entering the club because he is wearing sandals not shoes. The host runs after him apologizing on behalf of his staff but the conscientious IT officer is against breaking rules. His host resolves the problem by ordering shoes from his shop but Amay will not accept a gift so pays for the shoes,  he will not accept a drink either and therefore carries his own bottle with him.

Set in the 80s and inspired from real stories the raid made sensational headlines as it lasted for several days recovering assets worth 420 crores and featured high profile personalities. In a gripping narrative devoid of fuss and frills Raid enlightens you how an IT department operates, their network to enable inside information of tax defaulters, the detailed preparation and the secret strike early in the morning.

Rameshwar/ Saurabh Shukla addressed by everyone as Tauji is relishing his morning cup of tea at his Lucknow mansion when he has a surprise guest, IT Officer Amay Patnaik and his team with a search warrant. Tauji tries all the tricks of the trade to dissuade Patnaik from carrying out his duty but Patnaik and his team camp four nights and days at the mansion breaking walls, ceilings, digging gardens and even searching the toilet to unearth the hidden treasure.

What works about the film is definitely the subject, the pace and the treatment. Detailed, complex and intriguing Raj Kumar Gupta’s screenplay and Ritesh Shah’s dialogues make all the difference. For a plot restricted to a mansion the film weaves an engaging narrative and offers refreshing insights into both the IT Department, politicians and their respective families.

The negatives are some over the top scenes in the climax where the mob turns up in defense of the villain carrying deadly weapons. The romantic song between the lead pair is forced and unrequired but the most disturbing is the IT officer breaking the rule and allowing Rameshwar to travel while the raid is on at his home. How come his seniors don’t pull him up for that or is this cinematic liberty to thicken the plot?

All the supporting actors  are convincing, Saurabh Shukla is first rate and Ileana Dcruz as IT Officer’s courageous wife is both sensitive and beautiful. But the actor who finally carries the film on his hefty shoulders is Ajay Devgan as always dependable, dignified and effective. Yes, he is more or less the same in all his films but he is wise in choosing characters and always makes an impact.

There’s one more actor, who very briefly steals the show from Devgan and she is 85 years old Pushpa Joshi who plays Rameshwar’s Ammaji.

Raid should be watched by those who have endured a search and seizure warrant and also by those who haven’t and in all probabilities never will because Raid is not a film, it is an experience.

I rate Raid with 3.5 stars.

Music by Amit Trivedi, Tanishk Bagchi(Background Score and Songs)

Cinematography  by Alphonse Roy

Edited by Bodhaditya Banerjee