Mirzapur Mantras Part 2: Training – Day 1944

By 26 January, 2021Uncategorized

Train well, understand better:  Kaaleen Bhaiya personally trains the boys, assign them tasks, test their potential and when they succeed, gives them bigger challenges. Guddu and Bablu know they are being watched and they have faith that if they falter, Bhaiya will not allow them to fall. In all corporate companies, the employees have to learn some things and unlearn many things and this trial-and-error process is called training. Some are unable to handle the vigorous training and quit. Some, in excitement, mishandle a project but like Guddu and Bablu know that their seniors will do the damage control for them. 

In business the client is always right: When Bablu discovers that old customers are not any longer buying guns from them, he decides to distribute free guns to all traders to regain their trust in the product. Bablu is able to strategize this because Kaleen Bhaiya entrusts responsibility on him. In every organization, there comes a time, when the product becomes mediocre and the services fall below standards and yet nobody is accountable for it.  However, whenever a team/ individua is specifically held responsible for a task/ project, the result has always been positive. The best feedback is always directly from the client.  

To be continued