Mirzapur Mantra Part 4: Never let go off your team – Day 1946

By 28 January, 2021Uncategorized

Indulge at the right time: Guddu and Bablu Pandit were Kaleen Bhaiya’s most devoted employees and served him selflessly. But an over confident action set a rot in the trusted relationship. The tension could have been resolved via dialogue but both built walls of hurt leading to bitterness and multiple tragedies. When an employee is part of an organization, he is absorbing the ideology of the company. He is absorbing the skills of his seniors and with time, he blossoms to become an asset to the organisation. It is always foolish to let go off such an employee for the sake of extra money or attention. A good leader will always find a way to retain his devoted employee because losing him is sprouting yet another competitor.

Never underestimate your competitor: Kaleen Bhaiya has ample opportunities to eliminate Guddu and Bablu but he bids time because he undermines their prowess.

That is his biggest folly because Guddu snd Bablu prove fatal for both, Kaleen Bhaiya and his son Munna. During most of our review meetings to analyse our performances, we are so focused on our immediate competitors that we invariably overlook the dark horse steadfastly galloping ahead of us. The moral of the story therefore is to never underestimate anyone, anytime!!

To be continued