Marriage is co-habitation (Day 1120)

By 16 June, 2017Event

The session is more than half way through and Johar has gradually dropped all his guards and become his natural self. He probes if there should be a limit to one’s love and emotions and Sadhguru stump everyone with his answer, “Love must be experienced without abandon and without brakes. Love is quality, not quantity so it’s not something that will get over because we have over used it. On the contrary, the more you experience love, the more it is available to you and the only time there must be a break in love is when you die.”

The following question is about marriage and Sadhguru predictably has an unconventional reply, “Let us understand that all of us are single. We come single and we depart single, the fact is marriage is just co- habitation. If you have responsibilities, then you are fortunate. It means that you have something to distract yourself from your madness. It means that you have chosen to respond to a particular person or situation and even the experience of commitment can be joyous”.

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He explains that if we wish to be free ourselves from unnecessary thoughts, then we have to implement on it not just express it. I have spent my entire life in that quest…I have strived to bring spirituality from the Himalayas to the streets…Unfortunately today, we associate all the negative things with the street – like drinks, prostitution, all the vices, but if we make up our minds and work collectively we can alter the  connotations, not immediately but some day for sure.”


Sadhguru has been working on it for over three decades, which is why he founded Isha Foundation, a non-profit organisation supported by over seven million volunteers in over 250 centres worldwide. Some of the volunteers are present today at the venue, smiling, spreading positive vibrations their way to make this a perfect experience for all of us!

(To be continued)

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