Madhuri: Not attracted to politics – Day 1996

What about your speeches, are they rehearsed too? “No, no, speeches cannot be scripted, that would be so hollow. It has to emerge on the spot, straight from the heart as a reaction, only then can it touch the audience.”  She was always logical and old guards believed that she had the potential to be groomed as an effective leader. She widened her eyes, “Are you hinting at politics? Please no, I’m not inclined, maybe something for the downtrodden that too if it comes naturally not for the sake of taking up a cause” she concluded.

True to her promise, Dixit never fell for the offers made by different political parties from time to time and ruled on the wish list of all her filmmakers even after motherhood. Her detractors said it was because she was diplomatic and never disagreed with her directors. Madhuri disagreed vehemently, “That’s not true at all, when I’m not convinced of a scene, I always express, but if the filmmaker does not agree, I withdraw because he is the captain of the ship. Most directors are always clearheaded and find the actor’s conflict interfering with their vision”.

So how does an artiste resolve his conflict? She pondered for a while, “Sometimes, a scene appears awkward but then the director enacts it for you, it becomes simple. I often feel that we actors’ complicate matters by over thinking. I don’t know how other actors resolve it but I prefer to submit to my director, I trust that he will ride me to the shore.”