Lockdown Day 2 – Day 1778

By 31 March, 2020Uncategorized

Lesson: No panic

The following days apparently looked like normal days but something was not right, the roads looked more or less empty and wherever you went people discussed corona virus. Some said the fear was exaggerated and we should continue to live our lives as naturally as we do while some said caution was necessary and we must get ready to exercise restraint for a long, long time. Friends advised that I stock up the kitchen, the Frigidaire, banks advised that I withdraw money and keep it home for safety, driver advised that we fill up the tank and the chemist called to say if I needed to order more medicines.

I learnt that there was no need to panic but there was no need to ignore the suggestions either, so connected with the bank, the chemist, filled petrol and visited the groceries shop because he had no time to pick up phones forget about delivering the groceries.