Lockdown Day 1 – Day 1777

By 30 March, 2020Uncategorized

Lesson: Be fair

The first time Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes an appeal on national television and asks us to stay home for the weekend, I thought it was going to be simple. The domestic staff will get the required rest and able to spend time with their respective families.  I was content to eat the food cooked by my maid and spent majority of the time punching on the computer. In the morning, I was happy to see my staff after two days and we quickly got down to complete all the pending chores both at home and outside.

I learnt that life has to be fair if all of us get the weekends off from our offices then why not the staff, I began wondering if I should give then at least a fortnightly off if not a weekly off. They say be careful what you think, feel and say because the universe has a way of making it come true.