Are you listening? (Day 1085)

This is an interesting story about Ram Dass expressed in his own words. A friend sent it to me and I am sharing the same with you. Read it carefully and if you have understood what Ram Dass and his guru are trying to say, listen and follow it in your personal life.

‘Karma is the unfolding of the laws of cause and effect that have made you into what you are, and that are still affecting you. When you think something, you’re not thinking within a vacuum, you’re thinking it as a result of how you’ve learned to think things in the past, and how your parents thought, and what your chemistry is inside your brain, and all sorts of things are affecting what you think at this moment. That’s your karma.

‘Your Dharma is that which brings you home. It brings you to truth, it brings you to God, it brings you to Oneness, to unity, it brings you out of the illusion of separateness. The Dharma is the Way or the path. It’s the appropriate action. So what you’re doing, as you listen more quietly, as you pull back more inside in a meditative space, you hear the way your Dharma is unfolding.

‘You intuitively hear and feel your route home and you keep feeling these things together.

‘At one point, my guru Neem Karoli Baba said to me after I asked, “How do I know God?” He said to me, “Ram Dass, feed people.” And I figured he didn’t understand or the translation was weird because I expected him to give me a mantra or something. I said, “How can I get enlightened?” and he said, “Serve people.” And that’s in me somewhere. That is my Karma. It’s also my Dharma. I’ve tried to resist it all the way and one day said to self, “What does he know? He’s an old fat man, I’ll go meditate and find out”… But every time I’d meditate, the quieter I’d get, the more I’d feel that I should be out serving people. So here I am. Can you hear that?

‘I resisted but when I listened I could sense the inevitability of it all. When your Karma and your Dharma come together, you get that feeling of rightness.’

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