I am medicine (Day 1390)

I am Senkhu.

Ancient science used my shell ash described in Sanskrit as shankha bhasma, to cure all kinds of ailments. In those days I was soaked in lime juice and calcinated in covered crucibles innumerable times and reduced to powder ash.

I contain calcium, iron, and magnesium which make me antacid and cure all digestive problems.

My ash mixed with tamarind seed ash, five salts, asafoetida, ammonium chloride, pepper, carui, caraway, ginger, long pepper, purified mercury, and aconite in specified proportions, triturated in juices of lemon and is prescribed for wind, air and bile ailments, as well as for beauty and strength.

I am as popular in Ayurveda medicine as in prayer and worship. A powder made out of my ingredients is a cure for stomach ailments and beneficial to building strength.

I am Sankham.


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