I am medicine (Day 1394)

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Ayurveda Science regards me as a medicine and has proved that my bark is used to yield tannin; my leaves, when heated, are useful in treating stubborn wounds.

Modern science says that movement is life and life is oxygen. Unlike other trees that blossom during specific seasons, I stand tall and green all through the year. I release oxygen all the time, day and night, which is why people usually feel better, seated beneath my shade.

I told you that my leaves flutter because Sri Krishna resides inside me and that is not the only fable. There are many theories elaborating this phenomenon. The Hindus attribute it to the ancestors who dwell inside me and continuously flutter to make us aware of their presence. This is also the reason why people bow their heads when they pass my sight. My rustling leaves have a mention in the Bhagavad Gita when Sri Krishna says, “O Ashwatha, I honour you whose leaves are forever fluttering…”

I am Plaska.

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