I am ancient (Day 1393)

By 11 July, 2018Uncategorized

My roots are firm and my direction unchangeable.

I am planted to the east of the house or the temple and if faced in another direction, I refuse to grow. There are customs associated with me and those housing me have to follow these rituals.

I am the first-known depicted tree in India.

I am as ancient as the Mohenjo-daro civilisation.

I have been watching the universe for centuries.

When I turn twelve and enter puberty, the temple purohit or the Karta of the family performs the Upanayan ceremony. This entails building of a circular platform around me and invoking Lord Narayana, Lord Vasudeva and Goddesses Rukmini and Satyabhama.

The Neem tree is always planted beside me in a way our branches intermingle as we grow taller. On Amavasya night, many villagers perform a symbolic marriage between us. The Neem represents the Shivalinga while I, the Peepala, represent the yoni, power of the female.

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