Horror & crime movies – day 1991

By 21 April, 2021Uncategorized

Why do you enjoy scaring your audience with horror movies?  “I entertain myself scaring them and I want to master the art and therefore keep rectifying my mistakes, Kaun is a correction of Raat. We lived in the house where we shot and after a point, all of us felt haunted! Human beings endure far worse than they imagine, which is why crime is a recurrent motif in all my movies. But all my films Shiva or Satya have never glorified crime but yes, I empathize with the gangster”.

Why are you reluctant to work with saleable stars? “Well, I did feature Urmila Matondkar, Aamir Khan in Rangeela and Ajay Devgan in Company but when you sign on superstars’, the canvas expands, dates are not as easy and the film takes that much longer, while newcomers are at my beck and call and their enthusiasm is infectious.”

To be continued