Gulzar Salim Arif together again (Day 1242)

By 8 December, 2017Uncategorized

Writer-director Gulzar and Salim Arif have done many combined collaborations for theatre, this is one more. Essay Ppl is about a puppet Pinocchi that comes alive with the help of Jimini his conscience and now he has to prove a worthy boy to himself and others. Gulzar has written extensively for children – books/ poetry/ prose/ theatre but this one is beyond his earlier productions because he raises the vital question that is relevant in present times.

07.b.12.17 WORKSHOPS POSTERIPTA’s Bobby Ki Kahani tells about a little girl called Bobby who has been brought up by her parents like a boy. The story has no connection with Raj Kapoor’s Bobby because this one is written by legendary Vijay Tendulkar and adapted by Shivdas Ghodke. It is interesting how so many decades later the subject still has relevance in our society and echoes the same sentiments in our children.