Getting ready for Yoga (Day 1118)

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Karan Johar reveals that what attracts him to undertake a session like this is that there are so many questions he is perennially seeking answers for and never seem to find them. He admits rather candidly that there is always a dilemma going on within him, between his fears and anxieties and also between his understanding of religion and spirituality. He elaborates that most people seek answers from books or learned people but often that does not ring a bell in real life and what is attractive about Sadhguru is that somehow he resonates the question with your own life which makes it all so simple and relatable and which is probably why all of us are present in the room.

Sadhguru smiles, says the basis of spirituality is that you realise that you do not know and the basis of religion is that it gives you answers that close your mind. There is a long pause, as Johar and the audience tries to absorb what is said, some get it, some don’t as Sadhguru smiles affectionately.

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It is difficult to make out what KarJohar is thinking as he asks his next question: Is there ever an end to human needs? “If you have realised that, then you are ready for yoga” replies Sadhguru. “Your longing to expand is not for more; it is for all. Your longing is for infinite expansion. Right now it is finding unconscious expression. If it finds physical expression, we call this sexuality. If the same expression is emotional we describe it as love. If you exercise this mentally, it gets labelled as greed, conquest or shopping. And when there is awareness, when you do this consciously, we call this yoga.”

(To be continued)

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