Game of Life (Day 1113)

In the game of life when you want something, you get not what you desire but what you prepare for.

So the first step for desire is to prepare oneself, we have to pack the suitcase with new thoughts and new feelings. We have to learn to discard old preconceived notions, delete all our old fears…

We remain in the situation we are because we are scared to experiment; we are scared to take risks and prefer to leave decisions to destiny. We believe that whatever has to happen will happen and patiently wait for that moment. That is not the right way. To make things happen the way we desire, we have to first become conscious of our surroundings…Become conscious to the signals that universe offers to us and have the courage to implement on them leaving the results to the universe.


The workshop was an enlightening experience and by the end of the three days, all of us had become friends.  If you are looking for an evolving experience, I recommend a workshop with Life Coach Farhat Gupta 9820089394/

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