Exhibitors are optimistic – Day 2058

By 9 September, 2021Uncategorized

Shootings are still not permitted in Mumbai and cinema halls still closed all of Maharashtra but for some mysterious reasons the exhibitors are still optimistic. They feel that if Bell Bottom and Chehre can release in cinema halls so can other movies. Strange, that nobody is talking about the box-office collections. The fact is even in cities where the cinema halls have opened up nobody is willing to risk their lives and go for movies.

And why should they when they get to pick their choice on the small screen. Coming to think of it we need to give due credit to all the small screen artistes who risked their lives to shoot the web series in these difficult times. The positive of the corona in the entertainment business is that the OTT platform provided work to so many out of work artistes and the reality shows revived so many of our golden vintage stars who entertained us via music and dance shows.  

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