Dilkhush Memories- Day 1770

By 18 March, 2020Uncategorized

“Once you have admitted truth to yourself you need to distract yourself to a positive activity, it can be something to read, exercise, going for walks, for a drive anything that gives you joy. The idea is to find an outlet.

There was a time I went through a lean phase and I wanted to do something meaningful, something that gave me inner joy, so one day I walked across to Dilkhush School opposite my home and began interacting with the kids, I discovered  spending time with the kids gave me joy and I want to believe that I gave brought them joy as well…

Then there was a phase when I was not doing great films, so I shifted attention to TV shows and felt refreshed, because I was interacting with new people, discussing new topics. Then came the phase when I launched my own company, then my acting school and during all this I remained connected to theatre because I come from theatre and belong to theatre”.

To be continued