Detest looking into a mirror – Day 2074

By 7 October, 2021Uncategorized

This is indeed a rough life compared to the luxuries a star like you is used to, don’t you miss the pampering of a star? Doesn’t your heart crave for the spotlight and the camera? Do you sometimes yearn to do that one more film and a role? “You mean come back to movies and acting? No, no not at all, I cannot bear the thought of starting my day looking into a mirror. I have done it for many years, on stage and on screen. I deserve a break now. Let me tell you that one of the reasons I am forever declining social engagements is because I detest the idea of dressing up. I’d rather stay at home and read a book”.

Once upon a time Asha Parekh lived in a palatial bungalow overlooking the sea, when she felt she did not want to be weighed down with the responsibility of the maintenance, she moved into a duplex apartment in the adjoining building, also overlooking the sea. I have visited her many times a at her bungalow and her duplex apartment over a cup of masala chai and freshly prepared poha and let me tell you she is happy and she knows it.


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