Day 5/ Charging Batteries (Day 1103)

Knowledge is learning something new every day because in the end what matters is: How well did you love…? How freely did you live…? How deeply did you let go…?

Just in the way we charge batteries of our gadgets, we require charging our personal battery with Love and the next step after that is to activate Love with TEAM:

T as in our Thoughts…E as in our Emotions…A as in our Attitude…M as in our Memories…

There are five important lessons to be learnt and remembered:

Lesson 1: Love yourself because you are unique and so are people who come into your life. Always remember that life is a stage and everybody is here to play a role, so watch the actors without judging them.

Lesson 2: Life is a blessing so live it up to the fullest. Tap your potential to the optimum level and exploit all the hidden, unexpressed talents for better self-expression.

Lesson 3:  Whatever cannot be altered/ expressed/ restored should be deleted from the consciousness, just let go and you will feel calmer.

Lesson 4: There are three magical words to stay happy – Let go…Forgive…Detach… It is only when we are detached from our five senses that we take a right decision.

Lesson 5: Smile to solve the problem and resort to silence to avoid the problem – the choice is always between in either compromising or in understanding. The more you understand, the more people change… and the more you compromise, the more they rebel…

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