Day 4/ Two emotions control life (Day 1102)

Under any circumstances and any situation, we have to make an effort to stay in peace and when we attempt that, the situation will automatically alter by itself.

The biggest sin of human experience is to hurt someone, to cause someone anguish. One should not just be careful of never hurting another person but always make an effort to bring them joy and happiness.

There are just two emotions that control life and they are Love and Fear. We hurt because we fear, so we must rise above our fear and concentrate on Love.

Every morning, we must wake up and love self because only when you love thyself can you give love to others. Those who lack love cannot bring joy to people.

Most of the time, the conflict in our life is just 10 percent but in our anxiety, we add all the negative emotions to it and amplify it to 100 percent.

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