Day 3/ 7 Qualities of Soul (Day 1101)

What is Mind? The mind is thought, expression and imagination. What is Intellect? Intellect is the thought that evaluates deliberation, decision.

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the connection, the unbiased attitude often described as the inner voice of a person.

What is Sanskara? Sanskara are imprints of human action that influence and affect our lives.

There are seven innate qualities of a soul – knowledge, awareness, peace, purity, love, happiness, will power and bliss.

There are situations and there is a time to address these situations. There are times there is a break in value system, under such circumstances we have to take an initiative and address the cause of failure.

If there is conflict in ideas and attitudes, we have to rise above the crisis with the power of silence. If there is an issue of envy and competition, we have to recognise greed and conquer it with new awareness.

If we are coping with the tension-filled environment, we have to keep up with the good will. If there is insecurity emerging from success, we have to hold on to courage to alter it.

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