Calling Bharatnatyam lovers (Day 1314)

By 29 March, 2018Uncategorized

Any performing art is not possible without the immense passion and where there is passion there is always a way. Different artists have a different way of working for accomplished classical dancer Madhuparna Kumar dance is a way of life. She has been dancing since the age of five and continued over the decades even after marriage and a baby.

Madhu’s day begins with riyaaz followed by one class after another in different age groups and experience. Often to make it interesting for her students she holds a combined workshop of children where the slightly senior students supervise the steps of the junior ones. I happened to be at one such workshop and was enchanted by the chemistry and affection among all the students.

 class 1

 Is it surprising that Madhu starts a new batch of students in Bandra from April, if you live in Bandra and are a lover of Bharatnatyam don’t think twice, call 9920-6-15500 you will never regret your decision