Awakening with Bhrama Kumaris (Day 1099)

I had the privilege of attending a couple of Murlis at the Bhrama Kumari centre, Mumbai in the last few days and reproduce what I captured from the discourse in my own words. If there is any confusions it is in my interpretation.

 Yog explains the skill or the art of listening. Unfortunately, in present times the word Yoga is a highly misused and misinterpreted word associated with physical exercise and meditation.

There are innumerable definitions of life. For some it is struggle, for some, it is a game and for some, going through misery it is a curse. The fact is life is not a baggage – it is not negative emotions or expressions that can be resolved instantly.

Human life is the most precious avatar. It is more precious than a diamond and everyone born in this avatar is privileged. The human body and the mind are connected. There are endless debates whether the body brings unrest to the mind or the mind causes anguish to the body. The truth is: a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body.

(To be continued)

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