Anupam Kher: Flashback Flashforward – Day 1769

By 17 March, 2020Uncategorized

Unlike other actors, Anupam Kher never shied away from his vulnerabilities, he admitted that awards were important to him, rather to all artistes but not all were candid enough to admit it. Kher did and explained why “I will never go seeking an award because my self-respect will not allow it but deep down every artiste always craves for appreciation and the bottom line is  that no matter how talented you are, you have to work very hard all the time,  you have to give your best shot all the time and someday the sun will shine.”

These days, Anupam hardly interacts with the Indian media but there was a time he was their darling and it was only because Kher spoke from the heart, he expressed without filters and discussed varied topics – he talked about artistes, their insecurities, their isolation and how they need to conquer these feelings.

“When I’m feeling low, I admit it to myself because denying the emotion is only complicating the problem. The only way I can help myself is to ride over it and I say this to my students. First admit truth to self and then go about finding the solution”.

To be continued