Another phase, another chapter – Day 2026

By 15 July, 2021Uncategorized

Psychiatrists say that divorce is the second biggest human suffering after the loss of a child. The third is the loss of a spouse and the fourth the loss of a parent. We all remember what happened with Aamir Khan after his divorce with his first wife Reena Dutta. Unaccustomed to staying away from his children and filled with mixed emotions, Aamir sought solace in alcohol and put on so much weight that he was unrecognizable.

The family tried its level best to get him on the track but it wasn’t easy. One day, his mother Zeenat, phoned Aamir and asked him to check his picture in the morning newspaper. He did, and an overweight Adnan Saami smiled back at him from the pages. Khan got the message but still lacked the initiative to do something about it. Then Aamir’s mother spoke to Salman Khan and Salman dropped by at Aamir’s home, chatted him up all night and next day, sent him a trainer with an ultimatum. That is how Aamir Khan snapped out of his depression. 

Will Aamir Khan get into depression a second time? It does not seem so from the joint video circulated on the social media by the couple.  Is there a new woman in his life again? There is a possibility that there is. Will he marry a third time? It will depend on what the woman but in my opinion, he mustn’t because actors like him and Kamal Haasan are not meant for marriage. Kamal Haasan has accepted this after separating from Vani Ganpathy, Sarika and Gautami. Aamir will learn too.

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