An author and a Publisher – Day 1629

By 1 August, 2019Uncategorized

It is true that book lovers come to listen to the author at a book release but are they seriously interested in knowing about the book? I am not sure, I feel genuine readers like to discover the books on their own without spoon feeding and would rather be told about the process of writing or the person behind the mask of the writer. I hesitate to talk about my books at the launch because quite frankly I’m exhausted with the process of writing it and would rather indulge them in some easy chatter. It has always worked. I tell them stories about myself and I think they find it more engaging.

An important lesson to learn at all book release is to never indulge in long speeches, nobody is interested, keep it brief. And to know you are on the right track watch out for smiling faces, if they are not smiling, you are not making an impact!