A Flying Jatt is a joke – Day 957

By 26 August, 2016Films




Film Review: A Flying Jatt

Director: Remo Dsouza
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Amrita Singh, Kaykay Menon
Rating: 2 stars

In the good old seventies we saw innumerable films about evil businessmen trying to usurp a piece of land from a helpless owner. This time the owner is Bebe (Amrita Singh) and she will not surrender her land because there is an ancient tree and they will not allow it to be harmed. The business man tries scaring Bebe’s son Aman (Tiger Shroff) and when everything else fails, he packs a monster called Raka (Nathan) to destroy them all. Most of the time, such stories where good triumphs over evil worked, A Flying Jatt does not and it is because the director becomes ambitious and packs in too many things. The writer is so busy barking messages about Sikhism, terrorism and environment that he forgets to develop a single character. By the time you break for an interval you are heading for a migraine and by the end of the film you are perplexed what is going on. The focus is so much on the VFX and an imaginary conflict to save the world that simple questions are not answered for example, where is this town and how come nobody in the rest of the country is aware of the problem? The writer becomes so preoccupied with the innumerable messages he wants to pack in for instance terrorism, environment, supernatural powers and religion that he forgets to appropriately introduce his characters and make them interesting. Nothing works about the film, not the story, not the characters and not the substandard VFX. The narrative is boring and the message dishonest. A Flying Jatt can be watched only for Tiger Shroff. Tiger fights, dances like a dream and looks a superhero in the costume.

– Bhawana Somaaya
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