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June 2017

Change is Positive (Day 1111)

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On day two Farhat had new topics for discussion and all of us were comparatively more candid in our reactions. She spoke about change and wanted us to share how we reacted to change in our personal and professional surroundings.

She explained that most people resist change because we fear the unknown and dislike unpredictability. Change is also associated with and the fear of failing in new surroundings, but if we are conscious about this we will be able to rise above our fears and accept change positively. The world is not a perfect place so we must not have perfect expectations. We must be conscious and train ourselves to ‘respond’ not to ‘react’ to everything around us and there is a difference between the two.

To have the remote control in hand is not to control other people but self, our thoughts, our feelings and our responses. It is all about changing the mindset. We must build a bridge between the feeling of something ‘new’ associated with a feeling of being unsettled/rattled and when we accomplish that we will experience The Leap of Faith. It is important to experience not just imagine the change, to embrace it rather than forever dwell on the thought…

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What is life? (Day 1110)

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I recently attended a three-day workshop conducted by a life coach called Farhat Gupta who lives in my neighbourhood. It was an interesting experience to first understand the meaning of a Life Coach and then to submit to the experience.

Initially, all of us were terribly self-conscious but Farhat dropped our defences by engaging us in self-searching exercises that instantly changed our mood and drop our guards. The reason we were here was to seek answers to our conflicts. She said she cannot help us solve the conflicts but she can help us find our individual paths.

The session began with a few one-to-one questions after which all of us had to write our own perceptions. I am not sure what others wrote in their notebooks but my ramblings read something like this…


Submission is acceptance. Acceptance is affection. Affection is trust. Trust is security. Security is reassurance. Reassurance is happiness. Happiness is peaceful. Peace is state of mind. State of mind is self-created. Self can adjust to change/ circumstances/ people/time and find harmony.

If you are looking for an evolving experience, I recommend a workshop with Life Coach Farhat Gupta 9820089394/

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Movie Review: Dear Maya is old world and charming Day 1109

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Film Review: Dear Maya

Date: 03 June 2017

Director: Sunaina Bhatnagar

Cast: Manisha Koirala, Madiha Imam, Shreya Chaudhary

Rating: 2.5 stars


Maya lives in a sprawling mansion layered with cobwebs and not aired in years, she spends her day in the company of two dogs, one caretaker and many birds. Her neighbours in Shimla have never seen her in the courtyard or in the market. She spends her day stitching cloth doll, paints unsmiling faces and then ominously drapes them up in black shawls.

Anna a 9th-grade student at Loreto School is Maya’s adjoining neighbour and lives with her parents. Anna is insanely curious about Maya Devi’s intriguing past and shares minutest details with her friend Irra and the two of them come up with a plan to spice up Maya Devi’s drab life.  Their intention is noble but the plan misfires and the result are damaging!

Writer/ director Sunaina Bhatnagar has the ability to draw up unusual characters and dress them up in magical moments. Like Maya loves trees, plants, animals and birds but is allergic to people, crowd, noise, even sunlight. All the relationships in the film are special and writer very quietly and succinctly travels you into a world of roses and love letters, where passion reigns and hearts tremble.

The story travels from Shimla to Dilli and in a span of seven long years a lot changes in the life of Maya Devi, Anna and Irra. The film addresses many complex issues besides loneliness and deprivation. It mirrors complexity in friendship and most important, highlights a fast disappearing virtue in contemporary times called a ticking conscience.

All the performances – Anna’s parents, her Delhi boyfriend, her Shimla friend Irra are effortless and realistic. As Anna/ Madiha Imam enjoys the longest screen space and is a treat to watch her emote uninhibitedly.  Imam is wonderful when she cries, fights, laughs, sulks or romances.

Monisha Koirala portrays Maya Devi with alarming honesty.  Here is a performance completely devoid of vanity. When she is defeated, you feel suffocated and when she smiles, the skyline changes. There are immortal moments you carry home from the film. When she opens the stubborn windows and soaks in the sunlight. When she arrives in the big city and is forced to experiment with new cuisine. When she enters a store and pampers herself for the first time.

Part in Hindi and part in English, a wee bit new and a lot old world Dear Maya is a bit strange but a fragrant offering of present times. If you’ve been feeling low and want to change your perspective of life, drop a letter to Maya. I don’t need to share the address. It is showing at your neighbouring theatre.

I rate the upbeat Dear Maya with 2.5 stars.

Life is like a tapestry (Day 1108)

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Our life is like a tapestry that cannot be completed in one term. So we return again and again till every colour is painted in every motif fitted in. Once this tapestry is complete our work here is done.

With spiritual energy chaos becomes calm and calm becomes bliss!

Every time your brain remembers something bad, flush flush and your mental toilet is clean. Every time your heart is heavy with sadness, flush flush and all the negativity drains away. Every time your spleen curls up in anger, flush flush and all the poison is washed away.

When something bad happens and we ask ourselves, why we need to understand there are two primary reasons: The first is to enrich our experience. The second is to warn us to change course if we are headed in the wrong direction. Both are necessary reality checks to help us find our way through the labyrinth of life.

Every time life falls into a groove and things become predictable and cozy it is a sign that change is around the corner to shake us out of our comfort zone.

(Courtesy: Hay House Publishers India

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Sow a smile, reap a smile (Day 1107)

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There is a purpose why siblings are created. Use them as a mirror to better yourself.

Think of life more as a sample from roadside stalls where we get everything from the surprisingly scrumptious to the amoeba ridden fare. Life and experiences are imbibed subconsciously. We learn as we go along.

When conversations with the One Above dries up and we get that familiar empty feeling, remember that communication need not only be chatter. If we go silent and surround ourselves with silence we may begin to feel a telepathic connection that’s far more satisfying than run-of-the-mill prayers.

Sow a smile, reap a smile. Gift a smile, beget a smile. Be a smile envoy a smiling farmer.

Pain is an indicator that all is not well with our system. When there’s a dull hurt in our heart it is a signal of unfulfilled desires or rejection. Mysterious stomach cramps are all about pent-up emotions that have messed up our insides.

(Courtesy: Hay House Publishers India

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