Theatre Classical, contemporary (Day 1273)

By 31 January, 2018Uncategorized

I am introduced to more Plenary Talk, this time on Indian and world theatre: classical, modern, contemporary. Prof Aparna Dharwadker, Dept of English and Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA discusses the detailing on stage and what makes theatre classic.

Dr. Mini Krishnan, Editor – Translations, Oxford University Press, India has a more interesting topic to elaborate and finally, there is a discussion on The Road Ahead for Indian Literatures joined by all the prominent guests invited from all over the country namely Prof Graham Huggan, Prof Vinay Dharwadker, Prof Aparna Dharwadker, Dr. Mini Krishnan, Prof T Vijay Kumar, Prof T Nageswara Rao and Dean EFLU, Prof Ramadevi Murru.

wed. academicsThe world and life of these academics is a far cry from the world I live in and much as I am attracted to a life at a university campus I discover it is not easy. If you need anything from outside or from your guesthouse you have to walk a mile. The guest house though comfortable don’t have the amenities available even in a 3-star hotel and for those unexposed to austerity, this is a reality check for sure.