Take 2: Salaam Bollywood (Day 1022)

By 1 February, 2017Books

My second book Salaam Bollywood (2000) by UK based Spantech & Lancer tells about my experiences as a film journalist. In my early days I was often asked how it felt to be a film scribe and if I if I believed in the people I wrote about. My answer was I did, if I did not I would not have lasted as long as I have in this profession. This book is about the other side of stardom. The better side, of creativity and compassion, of warmth and wisdom – that an outsider will never know…The irony however is that for those I write about, I will always remain the outsider. The book was originally titled Salaam Showbiz but my UK Publisher felt a title with Bollywood will bring better sales! I was unhappy about the change in title and more than me, Amitabh Bachchan who wrote the Preface of the book.

If I ever reprint the book I will change the title to Salaam Showbiz and then all of us will be happy like in our story books and Hindi movies.

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