Surviving show business (Day 1268)

By 2 February, 2018Uncategorized

Show business had a restricted interpretation when I became a journalist but today it has a wider appeal and wider connotation. It involved the media, the celebrities and the star brands. I have been writing about the film world for more almost four decades now and feel that insecurity is an overwhelming emotion in any creative profession.  In the media and the film fraternity, it is more so. Film stars are peddlers of emotion and, therefore, there are more emotional wrecks in the film world than in any other place. There is shame and scandal, exhibitionism and eccentricity, but there is also energy, a fatal attraction about the world of cinema that is obsessive. Once you’ve been a part of it you feel incomplete without it.


In the olden days the media meant just the print today we have electronic, digital, radio and more. I had never imagined that I would engage my audience in any other language except English but  2009 took me to not just another language/ Hindi but another medium/ Radio and though it was initially very difficult I eventually made friends with the microphone and love the idea of reviewing films/ talk shows on 92.7Big Fm.


Post my talk I drive to our Hyderabad studio and Jyoti has lined up an interview for me that goes but it is not all work and no play because post interview Jyoti treats me and my friends to an awesome lunch.