Sow a smile, reap a smile (Day 1105)

There is a purpose why siblings are created. Use them as a mirror to better yourself.

Think of life more as a sample from roadside stalls where we get everything from the surprisingly scrumptious to the amoeba ridden fare. Life and experiences are imbibed subconsciously. We learn as we go along.

When conversations with the One Above dries up and we get that familiar empty feeling, remember that communication need not only be chatter. If we go silent and surround ourselves with silence we may begin to feel a telepathic connection that’s far more satisfying than run-of-the-mill prayers.

Sow a smile, reap a smile. Gift a smile, beget a smile. Be a smile envoy a smiling farmer.

Pain is an indicator that all is not well with our system. When there’s a dull hurt in our heart it is a signal of unfulfilled desires or rejection. Mysterious stomach cramps are all about pent-up emotions that have messed up our insides.

(Courtesy: Hay House Publishers India

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